La Musica!

GiganticQuaintCicada-size_restricted      We all know everyone loves to dance at the quinceañeras, kids from all ages, the adults, even las viejitas! Everyone comes out to dance, as long as the music is always good! Other then your decor setting the party, the DJ has to also set the mood, therefor your DJ has to be really good, your party depends on your DJ!

One thing I highly recommend is making a playlist of your favorite party hits, make it from all genres and all music eras, you have to throw in the merengue and bachata and salsa oldies! Those never go old and are always the party songs everyone comes out to. Make your guest happy to the point where their feet never leave the dance floor. If your having trouble coming up with songs search up some playlist on spotify! Youtube! Apple music! Google! Its easy!



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