Glam Time!

Now comes the fun! You’ve already gone through the more difficult stages of planning your party, now is the time where you get to pamper yourself. Just how the dress and shoes are important so is the hair and makeup! Technically this would be the first time you ever wear a full glam on your face ever, according to the tradition.

*** For my quince, it was the first time I had been in glam, but I had chosen a soft glam, because of my theme and dress all the colors were soft and not extravagant so I wanted something softer on myself especially because it was my first time wearing that amount of makeup. ***

Now, look at your dress and your shoes and the rest of your decorations and figure out if you want something very glamed out or a soft glam, watch youtube videos or even do a simple google search or PINTEREST! Most importantly have fun and look good!


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