The Changing of the Shoes

In a Quinceañera there are many traditions, the following one is most commonly used.

“The changing of the shoes”. Since the quince is all about a girl making her transition into womanhood, the shoes make it more evident. Before the party the girl would be wearing flats or any type of party shoes of her choice that do not include a heel; that way when it gets to the part of the shoe ceremony she is changed out of those shoes *typically by her father* (could be anyone in the family) into her new shoes that she is now able to wear – being the heels, making the evident transition of girl to womanhood. 53ce7f95c7c51.image***This ceremony has become very optional since girls already begin to wear heels before the age of fifteen, but even some girls still do it out of tradition despite the fact they have already worn heels***

(I chose not to do it at my quince.)

REMINDER! Find a very over the top heel, that will make your dress pop as well, remember it is your night after-all!


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