Damas y Chambellans

Court of honor:

Since you have began to plan your Quinceañera, one of the question on your mind should be if you would like to have a “un cortejo de honor” a court of honor. Primarily a court of honor can be as an example (your bridesmaids and groomsmen) is how I like to put it, this can either consist of your closets friends or your cousins. The tradition was that most of the females who participated in your court were all under 15, meaning they were in preparation for their fifteen. 

Now, ‘la festejada’ can choose to not have anyone by her side, or even just have chamberlanes.

With your court honor you typically all take pictures together, and possibly even choreograph a series of surprise dances to WOW your guest with, and a waltz. (you can easily YouTube any videos of surprise dances for some inspo!)

For my quince I chose to have four couples, being my closets friends, and my younger cousin to be my little quinceañera (she dresses like me) – she had a partner as did I.

Remember having a court of honor is completely optional!

Heres a link to things you should consider before making a decision: https://www.quinceanera.com/traditions/5-things-to-know-before-choosing-your-quinceanera-court/

Love yours truly. 

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