Hello beautiful princesas!

If you’re here it means that you’re in that special time in your life is fastly approaching and you’re having trouble knowing where to start or do.

Dont worry! You’re not the first girl to feel that way. I suggest looking up a quinceañera checklist as a guideline to help manage your time and ideas.

Here a link to a checklist I like. (also attached PDF)

Click to access Mi-Padrino-Step-By-Step-Quince-Checklist.pdf


2 thoughts on “PLANNING TIME!

  1. I’m looking for a check list for my daughter’s quinceanera that’s coming up in a few years I just want to be more papered for this one . Then the samething doesn’t happen ,like my other daughters quinceanera we planned in 4 months without help, then after the fact people would come to me and say why didn’t you do it this way or that. So you see I’m just looking for ideas or alittle help on hers.


  2. Hi mama! Love that you’re getting ahead of the game on this one, first thing first, people will always talk when it’s not about them…. so remember this is your daughters moment! As long as she is happy nothing else matters. Since you stopped by for a checklist I did include a pdf of an example one that I believe covers most bases and gives you timing examples of when things should be done. I myself also planned my quince in 6 months back in the day, nothing is perfect and that’s okay! I would recommend looking on pinterest and even google, and even now SOCIAL MEDIA will be a huge asset to you. Communicating now what your daughters vision for her quinceañera is, most girls already have a vision even at a young age. I hope this helped and that you find the information/guide you need through my posts.

    Love always,

    Your quinceañera madrina.


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